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About Us

Welcome to the ‘About Us’ page. We are a dedicated participant in the global cybersecurity landscape, contributing our efforts towards the development of security and privacy tools. Our dedicated team is at the helm of the OpenSSL project, ensuring secure digital interactions. Here, you’ll meet the individuals who are collectively shaping a safer, privacy-respecting digital future.

Anton Arapov

Joining the OpenSSL team in February 2023, I brought along experience from previous roles in Red Hat. At Red Hat, I had the opportunity to grow from an engineer to an engineering manager, contributing to the Linux Kernel and later leading teams in OpenStack and OpenShift projects. Now at OpenSSL, I am committed to utilising my experience to contribute to our shared mission of enhancing digital security.

Dmitry Misharov

I am a DevOps enthusiast with a knack for Python, cloud technologies, and rigorous testing. My journey through roles at renowned organizations, such as Red Hat, has sharpened my skills in building robust automation solutions, containerization, and maintaining CI/CD pipelines. I am passionate about open source and am proud to be part of the OpenSSL Software Foundation team. With a strong foundation in Python, a commitment to quality, and a belief in the power of open collaboration, I am ready to tackle any challenge that comes my way.

Hugo Landau

I’m a software and infrastructure engineer with a background in networking, security and cryptography. An OTC member, I take principal responsibility for the development of OpenSSL’s QUIC functionality. As a strong believer in the values of open source, I’m proud to be part of the OpenSSL project given its instrumental role in the security of internet infrastructure.

Kajal Sapkota

To Be Defined =)

Kurt Roeckx

To Be Defined =)

Matt Caswell

I have been a full time developer on the OpenSSL Project since 2014 with a particular focus on libssl. I have been lucky to be involved with the development of major features in OpenSSL over the years including the implementation of TLSv1.3, the new provider architecture in 3.0, the new FIPS module and QUIC. As well as development I am also active in the governance of OpenSSL including as a member of OpenSSL’s management and technical committees.

Neil Horman

I’ve been an open source contributor for the last 20 years, focusing on various projects throughout the ecosystem. My primary focus has been on networking, cryptography, and various low-level system utilities. I’m currently the maintainer of the irqbalance and rngd daemons. At various times, I’ve maintained the SCTP networking protocol and the cryptographic X9.31 pseudo-random number generator in the Linux kernel. While I have enjoyably spent most of my career fixing bugs, I’m looking forward to contributing to large-scale development in OpenSSL.

Richard Levitte

I’ve been an active FOSS contributor since 1990, with a focus on the operating system OpenVMS at the time. Back then, I mainly ported diverse GNU programs (most of all newer versions of Emacs) to that operating system. In the late 1990’s, I became interested in cryptography, which led me to SSLeay, and then to the OpenSSL Project, which I became an active member of in late 1999. This has been my most consistent FOSS activity ever since.

Saša Nedvědický

I joined OpenSSL project in Jan 2024. Came from Oracle/Solaris where I was maintaining various components (MIT-kerberos, network firewall). The Solaris job also brought me to OpenBSD community where I co-maintain pf(4). Preferred OS is unix, preferred language is C. I always try to follow Zen of Python.

Tim Hudson

Co-founded SSLeay in 1996, worked on RSA’s “forks” from 1998-2007, joined old-OSF for OpenSSL commercial activities in 2008-2014, officially joined the “OpenSSL Project” as a volunteer in 2014. Member of the OMC, OTC, and a committer. Focused on governance, long term sustainability, business relationships, practical application of security technologies for the project.

Tomáš Mráz

I developed and maintained various security and crypto-related software at Red Hat since 2004. Among other duties including maintaining the OpenSSL package I worked to ensure that the crypto libraries incorporated into Red Hat Enterprise Linux were FIPS compliant and validated. After leaving Red Hat in 2021, I was happy to join the OpenSSL project, where I helped finalize the OpenSSL 3.0 release and get the FIPS provider module validated. Currently, my primary focus is developing the implementation of the QUIC protocol in OpenSSL and making sure we respond to issues raised on our github project in a timely manner.

Tomáš Vávra

To Be Defined =)